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About Our Classes

Two members in the woodworking group working in the Seideneck Room

Classes and activities held at The Carmel Foundation are as varied and interesting as the members who attend them.

Independent, certified instructors, including many from Monterey Peninsula College and Carmel Adult Education, teach classes in personal fitness, literature, art and music appreciation to name a few.

Qualified volunteers lead activities such as bridge, a men's discussion group, wood carving, needlecraft and photography, amongst others. Over 50 fun things to do are available to our members each week. A class schedule is available on line and published in the monthly newsletter. See below.

Class Descriptions & Schedule

 You must be a current Carmel Foundation member to sign-up for classes and activities

Creativity, Camaraderie...Coloring

Time: 10:00am -11:30am, 2nd & 4th Tues
Location: Craft Room
Instructor: Lisa Handley
Fee: $5.00 per class, payable to instructor at class
Description: Coloring for adults began as a trend, but this activity has had staying power with its many benefits for mind, body and spirit. Coloring is relaxing and meditative, enhances focus, reduces stress, and improves eye-hand coordination and hand strength. Treat yourself to creativity, camaraderie and the joy of coloring! A wide assortment of materials await you including coloring pages, books, cards and posters, colored pencils, gel pens, markers, crayons and more. Facilitator Lisa offers coloring inspiration and tips and provides guidance when needed. Drop in and join us, and you'll receive a warm, colorful welcome!

Fine Arts Lab
Time: 1:30pm-4:00pm, Tues - Full to capacity
Location: Seideneck Room
Leaders: Carol Harrison, Darlene Berry
Fee: No fee, register w/Carol or Darlene at class
Description: Join members for an open lab session and paint with acrylics. Bring your table top easel and supplies and imagination.

Improv Comedy RX-The Brain Prescription
Time: 11:00am-12:30pm, Mon
Location: Zoom
Leaders: Carol Roberts
Fee: Sign-up with member services, 624.1588
Description: Comedy improvisation is the art of plugging audience suggestions into theater game formats. The results is at best hilarious or at least interesting. In this easy Try It Workshop, students will learn the craft of improv through playing easy and fun warm-ups and theater games. This workshop is held in a supportive atmospher and welcomes experienced and brand-new improvisers. Comdey improv is great for exercising the mind and memory, public speaking and being able to PLAY as an adult! Come prepared to laugh. What goes on in Zoom stays in Zoom.

Needlecraft Group
Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm; Tues
Location: Craft Room
Leader: Connie Georis
Fee: No fee and drop-ins are welcome
Description: Meet fellow knitters and enjoy the art of needle craft with this long-standing Foundation volunteer group.

Photography, Darkroom Denizens
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm, Mon-Fri
Location: Darkroom
Leaders: Manager Peter Moppert  414.310.9622
Fee: No fee
Description: Full-service darkroom available to Foundation members. Call Arabella or Jack to learn more about supplies and times available.

Photography Group
Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm, Thurs
Location: Seideneck Room
Leader: Joyce Tarter Rideout
Fee: $12/annual. Register at class, guests welcome.
Description: Sharing/Guest Speakers. Group meets once a week to view local photographers works together and discusses the art of photography.

Time: 10:00am-12:30pm, Wed, 11/10
Instuctor: Lisa Handley
Location: Seideneck Room
Fee: $30 per individual class. Register with Lisa, 512.9063
Description: Step into the flow of SoulCollage®, and immerse yourself in mindful self-expression! Join Lisa Handley, SoulCollage® facilitator and artist, as she gently inspires and guides participants through each 2.5-hour class and helps you tap into your imagination and intuition to gather images, collage personally meaningful cards, contemplate their significance and consult with them as springboards to your own inner wisdom. Join us for creativity and camaraderie! Both new and experienced are welcomed. All materials are provided.

Wood Carving
Time: 8:30am-11:30am, Tues & Thurs
Leader: Jerry Park
Location: Seideneck Room
Fee: No fee, drop-ins welcome

Description: Meet with fellow woodcarvers in an inviting atmosphere and carve together.

Greek Dance Class
Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm, Tue
Location: Diment Hall
Instructors: Janet Tezak, Rick McCarthy
Fee: No fee, register at class
Description: Janet Tezak and Rick McCarthy will teach basic Greek dancing steps from 3:30pm-4:50pm on Tuesday afternoon and then from 5:00pm-5:30pm, they will run through all the Greek dances. Darold Skerritt has taught Greek dancing for more than twenty years, and Janet and Lois are a product of his wonderful teaching techniques. They have also been part of the Greek Village dancers at many events around the Peninsula.

Line Dancing
Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm, Thurs
Location: Diment Hall
Instructor: Belle James
Fee: $5/class, sign-up at class
Description: Come learn to Line Dance- it's FUN! Line dancing originated from European Folk dances and gained momentum in the 1960s and 1970s especially after the creation of the "Tush Push" and "Electric Slide" in the 70s. Finally in the 1980s, dozens of line dances were choreographed for specific songs and a line dance craze ensued that continues today with thousands of different line dances to every kind of music you can imagine.

Current Events Discussion Group
Time: 10:00am-11:30am, 1st & 3rd Tues
Location: Craft Room
Leader: Peter Powles
Fee: No fee, drop-ins welcome
Description: Join fellow members as we discuss hot topics in the news!

Gratitude and Empathy Group
Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm, 2nd & 4th Thurs
Location: Blanchard A
Leader: Ted Hill
Fee: No fee, email to join meeting
Description: The Gratitude and Communication Group happens with a special emphasis on appreciation. In these troubling times, it's important to look for things that we can be grateful for. Hope you can join us in this enlvinening group.

Great Minds Online (edX & TED Talks)
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm, 2nd & 4th Wed
Location: ZOOM
Leader: Joan Beller
Fee: No fee, register with Joan, 238.2087
Description: Topic: varies

Men's Discussion Group
Time: 10:30am-11:45am, Mon
Location: Diment Courtyard
Leader: Lou Aldana
Fee: No fee, drop-ins welcome
Description: A friendly group of the Foundation's men meet for an enjoyable morning of varied discussions. Sometimes it's an open discussion of current events, or a presentation by one of our members, or perhaps a guest speaker. We make an effort to invite speakers that cover subjects of local interest. Come by and meet your fellow Foundation members!  Q & A's, comments and opinions are always welcome and well-received. If you have an interesting background or expertise, stop by and we will schedule you for presentation.

Men's & Women's Discussion Group, Sponsored by Alliance on Aging
Time: 3:15pm-4:30pm, Tue
Location: Craft Room
Facilitator: Ted Hill
Fee: No fee, sign up at discussion group
Description: Join us as we will offer fresh topics to discuss in a personal and lively manner. Meaningful and harmonious discussion is encouraged.

AARP Safe Driving
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Bridge, Duplicate
Time: 12:00pm-4:30pm, Fri
Location: Craft Room
Leader: Helga Greaver
Fee: $2/per session, open room, register at class 624.5461
Description: This is a social game and tries to adhere to ACBL rules. It is not an ACBL sanctioned game, so players do not receive "master points" for their participation. There is a wide range of experience levels in our players. Players who wish to join should have a partner, although once familiar with the group, the facilitator can assist in matching up players with someone in the group who needs a partner for a day. Each player contributes $2 each day that they play, and small money prizes are given to the top 3 teams, both N/S and E/W.  Players are not required to know how to score the Traveler forms, although we do need players with that knowledge. We use the standard bid boxes. A signup sheet is on hand to sign up for the following 2 weeks, but players can call to sign up or cancel.

Time: 1:00pm-4:30pm, Thurs
Location: Field Café
Leader:Ed Detrick
Fee: No fee, open room, drop-ins welcome
Description: Meet with fellow chess players in the Field Café for a fun afternoon of chess together.

Time: 2:00pm-4:30pm, every other Wed, 11/3 & 11/17
Location:Craft Room
Leader: Larry Parrish
Fee: No fee, register with Larry, 622.7455,
Description: Creativity! Calculation! Confirming! "C" is for Cribbage.

Cribbage Lessons
Time: By appointment
Instructor: Larry Parrish
Fee: No fee, register with Larry, 622.7455,
Description: Creativity! Calculation! Confirming! "C" is for Cribbage.

Games: Open Game
Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm, Wed; 1:00pm-4:00pm, Thur
Location:Craft Room
Leader: No leader
Fee: No fee, open room
Description: Meet with fellow members for a fun afternoon of bridge, mah jongg...


Scrabble with Susan
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm, Mon
Location: Field Café
Leader: > Susan Sailow
Fee: No fee, open game
Description: Meet in the Field Café and play as many games as you like. Feel free to come when you want, and leave when you want.

Texas Hold'em Full to capacity
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm, Thurs
Location: Craft Room
Facilitator:: Micky Lawler

Personal Fitness, Lo-Impact
Time: 9:00am-10:00am, Mon, Weds, Fri
Location: Diment Hall
Instructor: MaryAnn Rousseau
Fee: $5/class or $50/mo suggested donation, register at class
Description: Enjoy a fun and relaxing work-out for strength and flexibility with a focus on balance and core work. Class includes warm up, low impact aerobics, muscle toning, cool down and stretching to great music and laughter! For men and women,

Tai Chi for Health
Time: 10:00am-11:00am, Thur
Location: Diment Hall
Instructor: Liana Olson
Fee: $48/6 weeks, $80/10 weeks, $10 drop-in; sign up and pay at class
Description: Tai Chi for Arthritis is a gentle form of exercise known for its health benefits; increasing strength, balance, flexibility and a sense of well-being. Tai Chi can be modified to fit almost anyone's level of ability and can be practiced seated or standing.  Come experience why people have referred to Tai Chi for Arthritis as "medication in motion". 

Walking Group
Time: 2:30pm-4:00pm, Tues
Location: local paths, beaches & parks
Coordinator: Member Services
Fee: No fee; register w/member services, 624.1588
Description: Are you looking for a little adventure & outdoor exercise?  Join us Tuesday afternoons for our Weekly Walking Group.   We have been exploring all that this breathtaking Peninsula has to offer, while enjoying each other's company.  Past adventures have included walks at Stillwater Cove, Bird Rock to Indian Village, Scenic Drive & Point Lobos State Natural Preserve. 

Yoga, Chair
Time: 8:30am-9:30am, Thurs
Location: >Blanchard A
Instructor: Jody Emerson Quintana
Fee: $8 per class, register at class
Description: Gentle chair yoga. Balance, stretch, move, relax and renew.

Yuan Qigong Class Series
Time: 10:00am-11:15am, Weds
Location: Diment Hall
Instructor: Dale Mirmow, Certified Master Teacher
Fee: $10 drop-in, register at class
Description: The Qigong class will give you the fundamental tools and practices of Qigong that will aid with the prevention of illness, increased balance and flexibility, and improvement in one's overall health and well-being. Qigong can be done while sitting, standing, or moving, and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Qigong is easy to incorporate into your daily life, and regular practitioners enjoy more energy, good health and well-being, and are better able to deal with issues of stress, anxiety, and pain.

Spanish, Beginning
Time: 10:30am-11:30am, Tue, 1/11-3/22 (no class 2/22)
Location: Blanchard A
Leader: Laura Sanjurjo
Fee: $150/10 wk session. Email instructor at or call 801.560.8437 to register
Description: This class will start with the basic Spanish grammar and advance at your level.

Spanish, Conversational
Time: 9:30am-10:30am, Tue, 1/11-3/22 (no class 2/22)
Location: Blanchard A
Leader: Laura Sanjurjo
Fee: $150/10 wk session. Email instructor at or call 801.560.8437 to register
Description: Classes are held in Spanish with a variety of themes, topics, current events and in-depth conversation.

Non-Fiction Reading Discussion - Full to capacity
Time: 10:30am-12:00pm, Thurs
Location: Blanchard A
Leader: Jim Emery

Norton Court Book Reading and Discussion Group
Time: 10:00am-11:30pm; Weds
Location: Blanchard B
Leader: Bill Richards
Fee: No fee, drop-ins welcome
Description: Meet weekly to read and discuss books with new friends!

Piano Lessons with Pam Lawrence
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm, Tuesdays by appointment
Location: Blanchard B
Instructor Pam Lawrence
Fee: 30 minute lesson/$35. Call Pam for scheduling   831.277.7638.
Description: Lessons are personally tailored to your needs. A keyboard will be available for use during lessons, but the student will need their own keyboard or piano at home for practice. Pam Lawrence holds an M.A. in Music with an emphasis on piano-organ-harpsichord. She taught for 13 years at Gavilan College and also has maintained a private teaching studio, Monterey Bay Music, for 40 years

Creative Writing: The Short Story
Time: 12:30 pm-2:00pm, Fri, 11/5, 12, 19
Instructor: Lawrence Harris, Seideneck Room
Fee: $10/1 class, $20/3 classes, sign-up at class
Description: This class will introduce the student to the basics of short story writing specifically "flash fiction", or the short, short story or the very short story. This is a type of story that is about 1500 words or less. Students will learn the basic elements of the story, such as character, setting, plot, P.O.V. (point of view), and others. Students will practice the craft of writing in class. Students will read from several short stories. And several historical and contemporary writers will be read and studied to enhance the students understanding of short story writing. Handouts: Lesson Plans and copies of several short, short stories will be handed out in class Lawrence Harris holds a B.A. in Art, and Certificates in the Great Books and Creative Writing. He also has an M.S. in Political Science. He currently teaches at local colleges.

Memoirs Writing
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm, Mon
Time: 9:30am-11:30am, Weds
Location: Craft Room
Instructor: Illia Thompson
Fee: $50/monthly suggested donation, register w/Thompson   236.1118 or

Description: For over 30 years, Illia Thompson encouraged writers to tell their won stories. Her motto "you cannot make a mistake!" A prompt is sent out the previous week for use as a springboard for current writing, if you wish. You may use this opportunity to write your ongoing story. The group reads their own writing and memories are often triggered by each other's words.

Lo-impact personal fitness class exercising in Diment Hall

Technology Center

 You must be a current Carmel Foundation member to sign-up for classes and activities

Our Technology Center classes quickly became so popular that within five years some 1,000 members successfully completed these classes. The Foundation owes the Technology Center's overwhelming success to the energy and dedication of its core of volunteer instructors and monitors. A wide range of classes include such subjects as word processing, spreadsheets, graphic design, and photo manipulation are available. Due to generous donations, the Technology Center is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

These classes and activities bring richness to the Foundation and to the lives of our members. The Carmel Foundation continuously strives to offer new and exciting programs and activities to its curriculum.

Remote Tech Support
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm, Mon
Time: 9:30am-11:30am, Weds
Location: Craft Room
Instructor: Illia Thompson
Fee: free   email Vicki to coordinate appointments

Description: Free over-the-phone technical help with iPhones, iPads and the use of Zoom on PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads

 Visit Our New Technology Center

   • Newly Remodeled Facility

   • State of the Art Hardware & Software

   • Skilled Instructors

 Sign Up for Classes to Improve Your Skills...!

Ribbon cutting with the Carmel Chamber of Commerce in the newly refurbished Techonology Center
Teachers and students in class in the Technology Center
One student and one instructor working on a laptop in the Technology Center


 You must be a current Carmel Foundation member to sign-up for classes and activities

The Carmel Foundation hosts one day workshops. These workshops cover a wide array of topics and are presented by people with expertise in the area being discussed.

Wednesday Programs

Lectures and entertaining programs are held Wednesday afternoons at 2:30pm in Diment Hall. A variety of slide presentations, lectures, and musical entertainment is offered. At the conclusion of each program, refreshments are served by a committee of volunteers. These programs are given as a community service and are open to the public without charge.

Wednesday Programs Schedule
Speaker and audiece at a Wednesday Program in Diment Hall

Saturday Cinema

 You must be a current Carmel Foundation member to sign-up for classes and activities
No Saturday Cinema
until further notice

Movie poster for A Star is Born