Ways to Give


The years of service provided to seniors in our community is due to generous support received by individuals in the spirit of neighborliness.

As we do not accept government funding, we rely on the generosity of others to keep our doors open to everyone. Your charitable investment in seniors helps support successful aging. Below is an overview of the Giving Options available.

The Carmel Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible in accordance with current IRS regulations.

Our Tax ID# is 94-1225368.

Giving Options

Gifts of Cash
This is the easiest and most direct form of a donation. Providing a monetary gift whether by cash, check, payroll deduction or via major credit card, provides you with an income tax deduction.
Gifts of Stocks or Bonds
If you own stocks or bonds for more than one year and they have increased in value, this type of gift allows you to avoid capital gains tax while receiving an immediate charitable income tax deduction. Your stockbroker can assist in transferring your gift of stock to our brokerage account.
Life Insurance
You can donate your policy or designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
Charitable Gift Annuities
Making a Charitable Gift Annuity to The Carmel Foundation enables you to receive a guaranteed fixed income for life. In addition, there is a charitable deduction at the time the gift is made and if the gift annuity is funded with appreciated stock, there are additional tax savings. At the end of your lifetime, the principle remaining in the gift annuity would be placed into an endowment so that The Carmel Foundation would receive revenue from the endowment in perpetuity. A gift annuity for the Foundation is backed by the assets of our partner, The Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMCO). The minimum amount to establish a gift annuity is $25,000.
Estate Plans, Wills & Trusts
A bequest is one of the easiest gifts to make. With the help of an advisor, you can include language in your will or trust specifying a gift to be made to family, friends, and/or The Carmel Foundation. Allocating a certain dollar amount or percentage of your estate to the Foundation is a meaningful way to have your support continue beyond your lifetime. The most common types of bequests are:
  • Percentage: Designate a percentage of your estate you want distributed to The Carmel Foundation
  • Specific: Designate a specific dollar amount to The Carmel Foundation
  • Residual: The Carmel Foundation will receive the remainder of your estate or a designated percentage, after all necessary costs and bequests to others have been satisfied.
  • Contingent: This assumes that you want to leave your entire estate to family and friends. However, if you outlive any beneficiary, you can instruct that The Carmel Foundation receives that portion of your estate.
The Legacy Society honors those donors who help shape the future of The Carmel Foundation through legacy gifts.
Memorials and Tributes
Remembering and honoring a loved one, a special person, or one who has passed away is a wonderful tribute to the individual and lifts the spirit of families when they have lost a loved one. Memorials and tributes have a lasting quality that will never be forgotten.

The person or family that you designate will receive notification of your contribution (no amount will be mentioned) and you will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible gift.

Pillars of the Foundation

Join the Pillars of The Carmel Foundation who support our programs with their cumulative lifetime giving of $10,000 or more. The Carmel Foundation acknowledges the generosity of our Pillars by placing a plaque with their name on the Pillars of The Carmel Foundation Wall.

Donor Privacy Policy

The Carmel Foundation respects the privacy of our donors and treats financial information as highly confidential. Donor data provided will only be used to keep donors informed of our activities and funding needs, as well as to allow us to better understand our donors’ needs and interests.

The Carmel Foundation does not share or sell donor or member contact information outside the Foundation’s interests.

Once a year, The Carmel Foundation publishes the names of our donors in our Annual Report. Requests to remain anonymous can easily be arranged.

For additional information on ways you can support The Carmel Foundation, please contact the Director of Development at   831.620.8701 or consult with your tax professional, financial advisor or CPA.